Saturday, March 21, 2009

Vintage Scarves for Spring and Summer

This spring season do not forget to shop for scarves to wear as accessories to your outfits! There is nothing like a nice bright vintage scarf to add detail and attention to your outfit. Dress up a t-shirt, shirt, blouse or jacket with one.

Check out this article on How to Tie a Scarf if you are stumped on how to wear tie and wear one.

Both Lucky'sVintage and curiouskitty's shops have a variety of scarves and plan to be adding more in the near future.

Vintage Blue and Orange Floral Pattern Scarf

Large Vintage Pink Brown and Beige Floral Pattern Neck Scarf

Sheer Cherry Red Vintage Valentine's Scarf Necktie

Sheer Vintage Black and White Mod Floral Pattern Neck Scarf


  1. I love vintage! These scarfs are really nice! Nice blog!

  2. Vintage scarves are the best. Great collection!

  3. Lovely scarves and nice link with instructions...ta