Saturday, March 14, 2009

Collections: Part 2


Okay, so I have a few coffee mugs... well, maybe a few more than just a few. I don't really want to count them because I would probably realize I had far too many, but I know I have more than 30... probably closer to 40. Many I use, some I don't. But I love mugs. My favorite mugs are the small, stackable kind that were made in Japan. Hardly sensible, since I love a BIG cup of coffee.

{ This is a set of four stackable butterfly mugs, marked Made in Japan. I *LOVE* these and I don't think I'll ever part with them! }

{ These two are the same size and style as the butterfly mugs, also Made in Japan. Blue and green design with flowers and birds. }

{ These two are simple and super cute. Made in Japan. Plain white with a very retro orange and red flower design, these are classic. }

{ This one I found all on its own... it's a keeper though! Made in Japan. With a blue faux bois background, coffee break lettering on the front side, and mod flower design on the other side... it is one of a kind. }

{ My Mom's mugs are also made in Japan. They are newly listed in her shop Lucky's Vintage. }



  1. I don't know where on earth you found that many mugs made in Japan but they are super cute!!

  2. cute mugs... I think my mom has some like these at home!