Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Latest Vintage Finds...Pyrex & Glasbake

I have had some fabulous finds at the Thrift Store. Most of this was yesterday except for the lime green Pyrex pie/baking dish. I just had to put it next to the matching cups and saucers though for the picture! I am thinking I will probably list these all in my Etsy shop soon. I am tempted though to keep the candy orange colored casserole.

Here is a listing of the items:
▪ Horizon Blue 1 1/2 quart divided Pyrex dish with lid
▪ Lime green Pyrex pie/baking dish marked 221 and 10
▪ Matching Pyrex cups and saucers with lime green border
▪ Candy orange Glasbake casserole baking dish marked 55 and 055

I felt so fortunate that none of the above have any chips or cracks.

Now all I have to do is to decide what to keep for myself and what to sell!
I love it all!


  1. Love love love all of them!! My mom is always finding me pieces of pyrex, it makes the kitchen so cheerful. :)

  2. oh my i love it all too!!

  3. That orange casserole is to die for.