Friday, January 30, 2009

curiouskitty and Lucky's Vintage shop updates

It's been slow, but steady lately, trying to add new items on a regular basis to our shops. For myself, working full-time and then working with the challenges of dial-up Internet, means it takes a lot of determination to not slack off. What I've learned is getting sales and having success with a shop on Etsy requires a lot of hard work and it doesn't happen overnight.

Here are a few new items that we've added in our shops this past week:

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

♥♥♥ Seeing Vintage Red ♥♥♥

I'm seeing all the beautiful red out there for Valentine's Day. Red for myself or someone I love? Well how about both?

Here is a list of some of my favorites.

VeGaN VALENTINE Lipstick ReD TWIGGY HIGH MaRy JaNe in PaRiS SHOE by Vintage Dove

Vintage Valentine Military Themed circa 1940s by LittleGreenSquirrel

Sweepingly Cute Valentine by BeMyVintageValentine

SALE - Glen Loates - signed limited edition print - was 250.00 by theorangepeel

Vintage Flower Cluster Rhinestone Brooch by SunnyDaysGoneBy

Strawberry Fields Forever Vintage Button Sets by elizabethwrenvintage

Stunning vintage burgundy/red felt hat with feathers by ladylydia

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Retro Kitchen

In my research of the retro kitchen I came across a great site, Retro Renovation. I found it extremely interesting and educational in retro decor.

The article, "21 ideas for your 1940s home - kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms and more" is amazing! Here is a quote from it.

Quickly after World War II ended, Americans plowed right into making a wonderful new life for themselves - starting with building their dream kitchens, dream bathrooms - dream houses. Looking at periodicals from 1946, I can see a few distinct trends - this was a transitional period…you still see many Deco influences…you see a lot of primary colors…and definitely, interiors were “sweet”, although in ‘46 homeowners certainly would have declared them “modern.” ......

Tips from the first kitchen image — isn’t the “life through a Pyrex pie plate” awesome?:

  • This color combination: Dark cherry red linoleum countertops, primary green linoleum floor, white metal (or wood cabinets) with deco pulls seems to have been very, very common.

  • In this image, you also see a light chartreuse green on the wall - this, or yellow, also seem to have been popular secondary colors.

  • And flowered fabrics… These kitchens are pure prettiness. Image: Pyrex, of course......Follow the link above to read more.
I love all of these picks and I am determined to make my kitchen more Retro. The colors are so cheerful. The following range from the 40's through the 70's.

Here is a list items and the shops to find these items!

Pure Linen Made in Ireland Dunmoy 1950's Tea Towel - in curiouskitty's shop

Mod Flowered Tins - Set Of 4 Matching Canisters - in rabbitohrabbit's shop

Retro Rocket Mixer - in gracenapoleon's shop (I have one of these in white and it is amazing.)

Vintage Amber Brown Syrup Jar With Daisies - in Modish Vintage's shop

Winter Sale Tea Time Winter Sale - in HollyLujah Thrift's shop

4 pc Retro Kitchenalia SALE - in BazarBcuz's shop

Vintage Pyrex Stove Top Complete Coffee Pot Percolator - in Lucky's Vintage shop

Pie Carrier Keeper Tin Vintage Retro Red Rose Garden - in Vintage View's shop

Vintage RARE Never Used Tablecloth 50 X 50 - in Lagelle's shop

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Etsy Inspiration

I LOVE Etsy! I'm always amazed and inspired by all the beautiful items other Etsy sellers create as well as the gorgeous vintage finds one comes across. Here are my most recent adds to my Etsy Favorites:

1. Pair of French 1940s Tufted Silk Side Chairs by thevintagelaundry
2. moss terrarium by madebymavis
3. Keyhole Flat by HydraHeart
4. ozetta warmer-brown mixings by ozetta
5. Cinnamon Orange Honey Bar by daisycakessoap
6. Vintage Milky Blue Glass Compote by theweeemporium
7. Vintage Womens Handbag - Brown, Chunky, Roomy by vindeelyndee
8. Vintage Brown Mary Janes 7.5 by ClassicCatastrophe
9. Garden Yellow Rose Necklace by TheSilverDog


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Pyrex Love

{ photo from }

I *LOVE* Pyrex! I can't remember when I stumbled upon this, or when I first started collecting Pyrex... My collection now includes: 1 complete set of four primary colors mixing bowls, 1 yellow #403 (2.5 quart) mixing bowl, 1 brown #401 (1 pint) mixing bowl, 1 red #402 (1.25 quart) mixing bowl, 1 turquoise #401 (1.5 pint) mixing bowl, 1 blue #422 clear bottom nesting bowl, 1 blue #323 clear bottom nesting bowl, 1 yellow #323 clear bottom bowl, 1 #043 (1.5 quart) blue snowflake cinderella oval covered casserole, 1 Flamingo Pink #024 (2 quart) round covered casserole, 1 yellow #503 oven-refrigerator dish without lid, 1 #403 Autumn Harvest mixing bowl, 1 #402 Autumn Harvest mixing bowl, and 2 white Pyrex Hamilton Beach mixing bowls. And, of course, I'm always on the lookout for more!

{ my own #043 (1.5 quart) blue snowflake cinderella oval covered casserole }

The history on the start of Pyrex is actually quite interesting. From "Back in the early 1900's, Corning Glass Works was working on a request from the railroads to produce lantern glass that would not break when the hot glass was struck by rain or snow. In response to this request, Corning developed globes made from low-expansion glass that could withstand the abuses of weathering and handling which readily broke the flint glass globes. Ironically, the shatterproof lantern globes generated were so good that Corning's managers witnessed a decline in sales of replacement globes. This super-tough "fire glass", as it was called, was resistant to temperature fluctuations, chemical corrosion and even breakage.

{ my own #403 Autumn Harvest mixing bowl }

In July 1913, a series of events involving Bessie Littleton, the wife of the company's newest scientist, forced Corning managers to focus their attention on the consumer venture. Apparently, Mrs. Littleton had used a Guernsey brand casserole only twice when it fractured in the oven. Knowing the strength of the glass her husband worked with on a daily basis, she implored him to bring home a substitute from the Corning Glass Works plant. He returned the next evening with the bottoms of two sawed-off battery jars made from low-expansion glasses. Mrs. Littleton cooked a sponge cake in one of the surrogate baking dishes. She noted several remarkable findings:
• The cooking time was shorter
• The cake did not stick to the glass; it was easy to remove wit
h little adhesion
• The cake was unusually uniform

• The flavor of the cake did not remain in the dish after washing

• She could watch the cake bake and know it was done by looking at the underside.

{ Sirkus' 400 series primary colors mixing bowl set from the Pyrex Love pool on Flickr}

Mr. Littleton brought his wife's creation to work the following day. Laboratory researchers inspected the cake, which was a "remarkable uniform shade of brown all over." The men deemed it delicious and very well baked. Thus began a two-year process to perfect this new invention. The notion of baking in glass was a whole new concept to the public. In 1915, a wondrous new line of "glass dishes for baking"
appeared in the nation's hardware, department and china stores. On May 18, 1915, Boston department store Jordan Marsh placed the first PYREX bakeware order." And the rest is history! According to Barbara E. Mauzy’s Pyrex: The Unauthorized Collectors Guide, there are 3 basic types of collectible Pyrex: Clear Pyrex Ovenware (introduced in 1915), Pyrex Flameware (1936 - 1979) and Pyrex Colors (1947 - ?)."

If you're a fan of Pyrex, you should really take the time to check out this website, or browse through the photos on You can seriously spend hours on the site looking at hundreds of beautiful pieces of Pyrex! (I know I did!) I am truly in awe of some of the collections people have!

And if you're looking to add to your Pyrex collection, or start with your first piece...

Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Super Weekend Sale

Super Weekend Sale!!

Save up to 30% off everything at
curiouskitty vintage and Lucky's Vintage.

Every item on sale!!
Buy one item, save 10%.
Buy two items, save 20%.
Buy three or more items, save 30%.

**You must put “SWS” in the note to seller to receive the special**

This discount does not include the price of shipping.
Each listing counts as one item.
Savings are taken off the total bill, minus shipping.

Just purchase as usual through Paypal and we'll send you a refund.

Thanks and enjoy!!

Sale starts Friday at 6pm and ends Sunday morning at 9 am, Central Time.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saturday Night Special

SNS = Saturday Night Special!!
Tonight's deal: Save up to 30% off everything at curiouskitty vintage!

Every item on sale!!
Buy one item, save 10%.
Buy two items, save 20%.
Buy three or more items, save 30%.

**You must put “SNS” in the note to seller to receive the special**
This discount does not include the price of shipping. Each listing counts as one item. Savings are taken off the total bill, minus shipping.

Just purchase as usual through Paypal and I'll send you a refund. Thanks and enjoy!! Ends tomorrow morning (Sunday) at 9AM Central Time.

Things to help you beat the Winter Blahs

Nothing like a Canadian winter and the after Christmas and New Year's blues to make me want to indulge myself in self-gratification.
Here are some things I would love for myself.
Heart of Wool has these awesome fingerless gloves made from repurposed sweaters. These are not really vintage, but could be made from vintage sweaters.

What about these floral pillowcases from Lucky's Vintage shop. Nothing like some cheery flowers on my pillow to brighten my bedroom on a cold winter day.

Here is a warm winter vintage coat from curiouskitty. Just the right thing to bundle up in to go out.

Here is a wonderful set of mugs from Jesse James Jake for that warm cup of coffee or hot chocolate.

These are a few things that would brighten my winter day. I hope that you love them too.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


A little behind... but better late than never... While catching up with our favorite vintage (and non-vintage) blogs after the holidays, we came across this lovely posting featuring the liquer/wine decanter set from one of our shops, Lucky's Vintage.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

New listings

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year's!! After a busy holiday season, I think we're all looking forward to getting back into the regular routine of things. And that includes regular new listings of items in our shops, curiouskitty and Lucky's Vintage.

New listings at curiouskitty:

Vintage 60s-70s Pale Blue Slip with Lace Trim M

New listings at Lucky's Vintage:

Vintage Chandelier Crystal Teardrop Set

Vintage Chandelier Crystal String

These are just a few of the listings in our shops! Please stop by and see what other kinds of vintage treasures we have to offer!

Happy 2009!!