Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Retro Kitchen

In my research of the retro kitchen I came across a great site, Retro Renovation. I found it extremely interesting and educational in retro decor.

The article, "21 ideas for your 1940s home - kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms and more" is amazing! Here is a quote from it.

Quickly after World War II ended, Americans plowed right into making a wonderful new life for themselves - starting with building their dream kitchens, dream bathrooms - dream houses. Looking at periodicals from 1946, I can see a few distinct trends - this was a transitional period…you still see many Deco influences…you see a lot of primary colors…and definitely, interiors were “sweet”, although in ‘46 homeowners certainly would have declared them “modern.” ......

Tips from the first kitchen image — isn’t the “life through a Pyrex pie plate” awesome?:

  • This color combination: Dark cherry red linoleum countertops, primary green linoleum floor, white metal (or wood cabinets) with deco pulls seems to have been very, very common.

  • In this image, you also see a light chartreuse green on the wall - this, or yellow, also seem to have been popular secondary colors.

  • And flowered fabrics… These kitchens are pure prettiness. Image: Pyrex, of course......Follow the link above to read more.
I love all of these picks and I am determined to make my kitchen more Retro. The colors are so cheerful. The following range from the 40's through the 70's.

Here is a list items and the shops to find these items!

Pure Linen Made in Ireland Dunmoy 1950's Tea Towel - in curiouskitty's shop

Mod Flowered Tins - Set Of 4 Matching Canisters - in rabbitohrabbit's shop

Retro Rocket Mixer - in gracenapoleon's shop (I have one of these in white and it is amazing.)

Vintage Amber Brown Syrup Jar With Daisies - in Modish Vintage's shop

Winter Sale Tea Time Winter Sale - in HollyLujah Thrift's shop

4 pc Retro Kitchenalia SALE - in BazarBcuz's shop

Vintage Pyrex Stove Top Complete Coffee Pot Percolator - in Lucky's Vintage shop

Pie Carrier Keeper Tin Vintage Retro Red Rose Garden - in Vintage View's shop

Vintage RARE Never Used Tablecloth 50 X 50 - in Lagelle's shop


  1. Goldiez love it! I grew up in a retro kitchen, before it was retro ; ) You're right...the colors are cheerful! Smoochies!

  2. I'd love to have a retro kitchen with all those items! Sigh...someday!

  3. Retro Renovation is a great site - I love the pink kitchens there!