Saturday, January 10, 2009

Things to help you beat the Winter Blahs

Nothing like a Canadian winter and the after Christmas and New Year's blues to make me want to indulge myself in self-gratification.
Here are some things I would love for myself.
Heart of Wool has these awesome fingerless gloves made from repurposed sweaters. These are not really vintage, but could be made from vintage sweaters.

What about these floral pillowcases from Lucky's Vintage shop. Nothing like some cheery flowers on my pillow to brighten my bedroom on a cold winter day.

Here is a warm winter vintage coat from curiouskitty. Just the right thing to bundle up in to go out.

Here is a wonderful set of mugs from Jesse James Jake for that warm cup of coffee or hot chocolate.

These are a few things that would brighten my winter day. I hope that you love them too.


  1. Nice picks. I need a fur hat with ear flaps to contend with this weather!

  2. Thanks for including me on such an awesome blog! And I love the coat and mugs--need them!!