Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Canadian Thanksgiving Table

Fall is rolling around and with it, here in Canada we look forward to our Canadian Thanksgiving in three weeks at the beginning of October. I can't wait for the turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pies!

I came across these wonderful serving items that I would like to use for serving a thanksgiving or harvest meal.

Vintage 70s THANKSGIVING Linen Cross-stitched Tablecloth
by Lucky's Vintage

Vintage Pyrex FRIENDSHIP Cinderella Oval Casserole
by curiouskitty

What are some of your thanksgiving traditions? What serving dishes do you like to use or do you have a special dish you prepare?

Have a wonderful fall harvest season!


Lucky's Vintage


  1. Lovely things! I love the Pyrex...I'd be a total Pyrex nut if I had the room for it. :-)

  2. ooh, i totally forgot our canadian thanksgiving was coming up. great finds here! :)

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