Saturday, August 29, 2009

Feeding the addiction...

I have a really hard time passing up Pyrex or Anchor Hocking Fire King pieces at thrift stores that are reasonably priced and in good condition. Either they will end up in my (ever-growing) Pyrex collection if it's a pattern I'm collecting or it will end up in my Etsy shop, ready to make it's way to a new home.

This week I was checking out the local thrift store and there it was... a #402 yellow (1.5 quart) Pyrex New Dots bowl. I turned the bowl over to check the price... a mere 75 cents! I quickly snatched it up, somewhat in disbelief that no one else had.

Then something else caught my eye... peach lusterware. I've been collecting this for just over a year now. It was an Anchor Hocking Fire King 1.5 quart Oval Casserole with the original lid! (It's pretty rare to find original lids) That I snapped up for $2.50. I'm thinking that both dishes will stay put in my kitchen for awhile. :)

A couple weeks earlier, I stumbled across this blue and white Pyrex 1.5 quart Oval Casserole for $2.50. It isn't a pattern I instantly recognized, so I'll need to do a little more research. If anyone knows what this pattern is called, I'd be happy for the info. Not sure yet if this one will stay in my kitchen or get listed in my shop...

***UPDATE: This pattern is called Horizon Blue.***

Have a great weekend!


  1. Tara, the blue Pyrex is called Horizon Blue. Here is a great link for a Pyrex pattern guide.

  2. I have a hard time passing on Pyrex, too! That blue casserole is terrific, really.

  3. Nice finds!

    I've been on the hunt for the dark red tupperware from the 50's. I want to get a near complete set :)

  4. Love the vintage Pyrex and kitchenware. Still catches me by surprise that the things we grew up with in Mom & Nan'a kitchen that simply "were" bring back such nostalgic memories!