Saturday, June 27, 2009

Taking My Etsy Photography Outside - New Items to be Listed

I have been struggling with finding a good spot for shooting my Etsy photos. I am not sure if other Etsy sellers take as many pictures as I do. I think part of the problem is that my home has warm colors and is not well lit. This last week the sun was shinning so nicely that I decided to take my photo shoot outside. I was quite impressed with the shots.

What are your thoughts on these photos of my new items to list?

Does the outdoor scenery take away from the item?

Do any of you struggle to get good lighting?

Any good tips?

If anyone is interested in these items convo me and I will rush to list or reserve for you!

Did anyone see that we have hit 100 FOLLOWS? We are so excited and thank you all for coming back repeatedly to visit us!

Thanks again.


  1. Those look great!! Might have to try that too, have a great deck I could take pictures on.

  2. Like that clock, yes, I do. I take most of my photos outside and it's the only way to go for great light. I suggest if you are having issues with the light to place your items in an area with indirect sunlight. These particular photos look to be in direct sunlight--that can cause you much frustration with reflections (esp with glass). Also if your camera has manual controls try setting your ISO to not above 200. Don't use the "AUTO" setting as your eyes are a better filter judge than the media chip sensor. I adjust my shutter first and set it accordingly--I almost always use a tripod now to reduce the shake especially on macro shots. Then I adjust the aperature for each item as I set it up. It's far better to over expose a shot than to under expose; you can adjust brightness easier than darkness when editing. I take multiple shots of each side/top/bottom of each item, change angles, etc, then edit it down to my final fab 5 for the Etsy listing process. I have 4 photo edit programs (including Photoshop) but have been using Picnik almost exclusively in the last 3 months as they have all the basic tools and some very nice enhancing tools that are literally point-n-click easy to use.

    That's my best tips...hope you find them helpful and happy shooting!

    Tina aka forrestina vintage

  3. Thanks Tina!

    Great tips! I will certainly take advantage of some of the pointers you gave.
    I also am using a couple different photo edit programs including Photoshop. I will take a look at Picnik though as simple is sometimes the best.


  4. I would agree with the above comments, and try and take photos outside when it is slightly overcast so that you dont get the reflections that you get on a sunny day! I also use Photoshop (Elements) and have had good success editing photos. Great stuff - I love your blog!

  5. These pics look awesome and seasonally bright and fresh! NJ, and nice blog, too!

  6. Taking good pictures are my daily struggle. Just keep on shooting, they get better every time.

  7. I take mine outside... the light looks to bright on these pictures...experiment with dif. locations and times of day ... not sure about the white table and lanscape background ..if you use the landscape find a different "Pedistal" to hold your items.. or make a cloth back drop. or something else. good luck!!