Saturday, April 18, 2009

The collection is growing...

When I moved when I got married, almost 4 years ago... I packed away many of my things from my old house. Several of those boxes have remained packed away until now... the items in them not needed, forgotten... The other day I remembered there were a few things that I hadn't seen since I moved and wondered where they were. So I opened one of the boxes, and this is what I found:

Two little #080 8 Oz Individual Round Casseroles! One in Flamingo Pink and one in Dove Grey. I completely forgot I had these and was thrilled to find them, since I have never come across these again! They are marked "PYREX, Made in Canada". I LOVE Pyrex, in all shapes and sizes, but I have to say that these miniature casseroles really are the cutest things ever!!

Also, a Turquoise Amish Butterprint Butter Dish. Marked "28, PYREX, Made in U.S.A."

And here is another recent thrift store find... a Turquoise Amish Butterprint Cinderella Mixing Bowl. Marked #443 (2.5 quart), Made in U.S.A.

I can't decide if I'm going to part with any of these beautiful dishes... or if they will just join my ever-growing collection of Pyrex... :)


  1. if it didnt go thru i saw it now, they are lovely

  2. All of those dishes remind me of growing up in the 70's! I love them!!!

  3. Awesome! i am jealous! i want those!